Go Washington Redskins!

June 18, 2014

Yes, I said Redskins. Not the Fighting Natives of D.C. or whatever people want them to be called.

As a blogger in Spokane Washington I am more offended by the “Washington” part of the team name. If they are going to change the moniker then it should just be “the Redskins” and leave my state out of it.

The Seahawks rule here.

But if it must be done then lets do things right and fix all the NFL teams.

If the Washington Redskins must go then I would think that the Chiefs are going also.

Dallas will no longer be called America’s Team since as we all know Cowboys are a Spanish import.

To date, not one singe archeological site has uncovered a Viking helmet with horns on it.

At least the Texans are actually in Texas. We’ll leave them alone until they get moved to Oregon.

The Buccaneers logo should be changed to three Somalis in a boat or something better representing the Barbary Coast.

The Giants are the same size as other teams.

And finally, not all 49ers were men.

Or we could just do the sensible thing and leave the Redskins alone. It’s just a game folks.

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