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     An open letter to my legislators in the 3rd district of Washington state concerning bills being submitted for this 2018 session.


     Howdy Sen. Billig, Reps. Riccelli, Ormsby and all Staff,

     My feedback on the latest news of bills. These are Senate bills but if passed then they will hit the House also and I would ask you vote no on all of them.

     SB 5463 – Locking up firearms. All democrat sponsors including Senator Billig.

– In your district, in front of my home a 15 year old kid was beaten to death in the street while I was at work. No gun was used.
– My home has been broken into 3 times and my guns were taken once. They took the guns and my whole safe. Pretty much my entire apartment was moved to an empty one while I was at work. Very lucky the police recovered most of the big stuff that couldn’t go into a backpack. Locking my guns up did nothing to keep “Prohibited Persons” from taking them.
– My neighbor downstairs has had a car stolen three times. Mine has only been broken into.
– It wasn’t very long ago that about 1 in 4 houses/apartments in a three block radius were boarded up criminal or drug houses. The second over house behind mine was torn down to a bare lot after years as a nuisance house.
– I’ve had to pull a gun twice. I am thankful that was enough to defuse and disperse. I did not end up dead in the street in your district.
– The criminal you discover in your home already has a gun. During the next 3 seconds who do you think is going to be shot? Criminals do not schedule their crimes with you ahead of time so you can fetch your keys and find the piece of paper you wrote the safe combo on.

     My guns are already locked up. I have a deadbolt on my front door. There is nowhere in your home “Prohibited Persons” cannot get to. This bill only harms lawful gun owners. Your party either wants to make me a lawful death statistic or a living felon. The shotgun is staying under the couch. Please stop trying to get me killed.

     SB 5444 – Registration of rifles and magazines and an annual license to own both. All democrat sponsors.

     Your party is preparing to take my firearms or make the cost of keeping them a privilege only enjoyed by the wealthy. According to your very own statistics ( FBI ) 95% of all gun deaths nation wide are from handguns. There are 22 deaths from handguns for every 1 death from a rifle. I do not own any handguns. I use the same rifles and shotguns to hunt, shoot and defend myself.

     The only possible reason to require this law only for rifles is for the seizure of our firearms. Criminals will not register their guns since it is already illegal for them to own them. Criminals will have guns and I will not. Please stop trying to get me killed.

     SB 6146 – Allowing local government to regulate firearms. All democrat sponsors.

     The only reason to do this is to pass this bill and allow local governments to pass despotic gun laws to use as a precedent for state wide regulation. Just like your party tried to do recently with the Seattle income tax. My rifle saved my life. I’m rather attached to both. Please stop trying to take my firearms.

     SB 5992 – Ban on trigger modification devices. All democrat including Senator Billig along with 1 republican.

     If your party wants to ban bump stocks then call it bump stocks. Who cares? They are toys that do nothing practical. But this bill goes way past that. This bill makes my muzzle break and hunting trigger (hair pull) illegal.

     The bill says clearly, ” … any part … intended for use in modifying a firearm to use the recoil of the firearm to produce a rapid succession of trigger functions.” My muzzle break is a part that does just that. Do you really not understand the difference between a 2nd shot and spending three hours tracking a deer down through the snow? My muzzle break is not a toy, is not unpractical and serves a reasonable, lawful and damn useful purpose.

     The bill says clearly, “All trigger modification devices are declared contraband.” I change the barrel on my AR15 which normally fires a .223 round to fit the .300 along with my trigger system for deer and elk. Buying a trigger with a lighter more accurate pull will now make me a felon. Please stop trying to imprison me.

     SB 6049 – Redefining the term Large Capacity Magazine. All democrat sponsors.

     My 30 round magazines are standard. Have been for the last 60 years. Came in the box with the rifle directly from the manufacturer.

     A large capacity magazine would be a drum mag or ultra clip that hold 40-100 rounds. There is no reason given why this is even needed in the bill language or the summary. All this bill does is redefine the term “Large Capacity Magazine” as being a clip that holds 11+ rounds.

     Very odd that not only does it define my .223 magazine as an “LCM” but at the same time my hunting .300 magazine defines me a criminal guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

     In summary, your party wants me disarmed, robbed, killed and after imprisoning the pile of what’s left for felony crimes impose a gross misdemeanor fine on my estate.

     What the hell?

     Thank you very much for your time,

     Shawn West
     Spokane, WA


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