Guitar Pro 5 icon   Guitar Pro 5: (gp5) Arguably the most popular and easiest to use sheet music (tab) software for stringed instruments and percussion from the folks over at Arobas. We recommend v.5 over the v.6 currently being offered.

Sheet music written by Shawn using the guitarpro 5 software can be found at “Ultimate Guitar Tabs“. The sheet music is available for free and without registration. Enjoy!

With over 2,000 downloads on only four songs this last year, Shawn is currently working on writing for two different projects, Civil War era U.S. Army Bugle calls for the guitar and full band sheet music for, “The Unknown Stuntman” which was featured as the TV Show theme in, “The Fall Guy”.

In preparing this page we asked him, “What in the world for?” And the answer we got was, “I keep asking myself that same question.”

Stay tuned!

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