Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 14

December 12, 2015

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     Heading into week 14 the Seahawks have the #6 playoff spot with a chance to move up to #5 with a win @ Ravens. The Thursday night game ended with a Vikings loss meaning both teams could end the week at (8-5) with Seattle owning the tie breaker. Here’s a look at the current playoff seedings.

     #1 Panthers (12-0)
     #2 Cardinals (11-2)
     #3 Packers (8-4)
     #4 Redskins (5-7)
     #5 Vikings (8-5)
     #6 Seahawks (7-5)
     #7 Buccaneers (6-6)
     #8 Falcons (6-6)

     With the NFC West title out of reach and only the top six teams making the playoffs this week’s game in Baltimore is almost a must win. Seattle could lose and still keep the #6 spot with a loss by Tampa Bay also but with the way the seeds are sitting we really want that #5 spot and a trip to the weak NFC East division winner. A road game being on the schedule during the first round a trip to Redskins, Giants or possibly Philadelphia would be much more welcome than playing @ Packers where the #6 spot will be going.

     Odds makers are giving the Ravens (4-8) no chance this week which makes me a little nervous. If the Seahawks aren’t the underdog then the universe just isn’t right. Call it a Pacific Northwest thing. You’d think after two straight NFC Conference titles I’d be confident. Maybe next year after a third straight. For this week I’ll be cheering on the home team and hope we can take care of business and stay injury free. Still got four regular season games to play.

     Go Seahawks!


     Bonus Games!

     Saints (4-8) @ Buccaneers (6-6)

     The Saints season is basically over. With both the Falcons and Bucs ahead in the standings and Carolina making a bid for a (16-0) season the playoffs are a goal for next year. This week however gives them an opportunity to play spoiler for playoff hopes in Tampa Bay. If the Bucs can win this week and go (2-1) in the final three weeks they almost have a lock on the #6 seed. A spot that the Seahawks might also need depending on how things play out. As great as it has been this season watching Tampa Bay climb out of the NFL basement that doesn’t mean I want them to take my Seahawks spot. Go Saints!

     Redskins (5-7) @ Bears (5-7)

     At the start of the season I had the Bears as being the worst team in the NFL. Since those first few games however they have pulled it together and played some real battles. This game doesn’t have a direct impact on the Seahawks but the meaning comes from next week with Bears @ Vikings. We need Chicago to win that game so for this Sunday lets hope they get the win and can carry that momentum into another victory during week 15. Go Bears!


     Here’s how the rest of the season looks for the NFC West.

     Seahawks (7-5)

     @ Ravens
     @ Cardinals

     Cardinals (11-2)

     @ Eagles

     Rams (4-8)

     @ Seahawks
     @ 49ers

     49ers (4-8)

     @ Browns
     @ Lions


     Got picks? Then head on over to The Fan’s Tribune and post ‘em up! Solid opinions about the games and it is just plain fun to compare your outlook with other fans.

     Want to read more? I’d suggest giving Buccaneer Bri a read. Honest posts from a true fan about their team while being a good read at the same time.



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