Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 11

November 16, 2015

week 11

     Week 10 Cardinals @ Seattle went something like this;

     1st Quarter

     Seahawks offensive penalty, another penalty, penalty, recovered fumble and two plays later the Seahawks defense is back on the field. That about sums it up for the 1st quarter in Seattle. It ends with Cardinals having an 11:30 to Seahawks 3:30 time of possession advantage. The Seattle defense is playing great but are visibly getting worn down with no rest from their offense and our good guys are lucky Arizona only leads 3-0.

     2nd Quarter

     R. Wilson fumbles into the end zone and the Cardinals grab the safety for a 5-0 lead. Seahawks penalty, penalty and another automatic 1st down for Arizona which leads to a visitor touchdown. Add in some more yardage ending with another touchdown and it’s quickly 19-0. Not looking good. Under 3:00 left in the half and the Seahawks make a few long yardage plays including a fantastic throw to Richardson. Richardson limps off the field with a bad hamstring. No good deed goes unpunished. Next Lynch limps off the field with an injury added to the penalty insults. Out of an I formation with Jackson the tail Wilson gives the hand off to the leading fullback instead for Seattle’s first points, 19-7. A clear fumble going to Seattle on the following Cardinal drive is called an incomplete pass instead which leads to a field goal by the Cardinals. Going into the half its 22-7 with a 21:17 to 8:43 time of possession advantage for the visitors.

     3rd Quarter

     A touchdown to open the quarter for Seattle is offset by a field goal by the Cardinals. A great stop and punt by Arizona that should of been Seattle ball on the Cardinal 40 is called back by penalty to the Seattle 40. A long drive by the Seahawks that included a 4 & 1 conversion ends in a punt. Two spectators in the stands are flagged with holding penalties on the drive. The quarter ends with Cardinals on top 25-17.

     4th Quarter

     Seahawks defense comes up with a touchdown as Avril pops the ball up into the hands of K.J. Wright. After review it’s called back and the Seattle mascot is flagged for lining up in the neutral zone. Seahawks ball on the 3 yard line from where Lynch runs it in for an official touchdown that I’m marking as a defensive score for Seattle. The two point conversion is no good. 25-23 Cardinals still on top where a personal foul penalty gives the Cardinals great field position compliments of K.J. Wright. A few plays later Wright redeems himself by stripping Palmer of the ball where B. Wagner picks up the fumble and runs it back 33 yards for the go ahead score. Seattle’s cheerleaders are flagged for un-sportsman like conduct with is reversed upon official review. The two point conversion fails again leaving Seattle on top 25-29 while Irvin limps off and into the locker room with an injury.

     Seahawks penalty, penalty, Arizona given a 1st down at mid-field, tipped pass caught by Arizona for another 1st down. A 3rd down stop is negated by another penalty, touchdown Arizona who takes the lead 32-29. Those two points given up on conversion tries are looming large for the Seahawks. Penalty (of course) brings up 3rd and 23 for Seattle who comes up short and punts leaving 6:09 left in the game. Irvin officially out for the game with a knee injury. Arizona 3rd and 4 with 2:14 left at mid-field keeping it inbounds to run down the clock. A 43 yard run for a touchdown is the nail in the coffin for the home team. Cardinals win 39-32. Props to the Seahawks defense with an interception, two fumble recoveries and 14 points scored. This game was lost by Seattle’s offense without a doubt.

     NFC West standings heading into Week 11

     Cardinals (7-2)
     Rams (4-5)
     Seahawks (4-5)
     49ers (3-6)

     What does it mean for our Seahawks? Well, outside of some very long shot mathematics 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th playoff seeds are now out of reach with the 5th spot most likely going to the Panthers or Falcons. Seattle after the halfway + Bye mark is playing for the 6th Wild Card spot. The good news is the way things are looking the Seahawks can still go 4-3 through the rest of the season and get it.

     This week we have the 49ers @ Seahawks. This isn’t a must win game but it is a key piece of the playoff puzzle because we need to finish the season at least 8-8 to get into the post season. Looking down the road to week 13 the @Vikings game is the must win. With how they are playing the Vikings are who the Seahawks are going to be fighting for that last spot with. Seattle can lose Steelers, @Ravens and Browns with a week 11 win against Santa Clara and a week 13 win @Vikings.

     Go Seahawks!

     Bonus Games!

     Packers (6-3) @ Vikings (7-2)

     Both of these NFC North teams are battling for the 2nd or 3rd playoff spot with the Packers already having the head to head against Seattle and the Vikings a half game ahead in a head to head situation. With a Packers win here that gives Seattle the push if both the Seahawks and Vikings finish the season (8-8) or (9-7). We need a Packers win here or else we’ll be relying on the Giants or Bears to beat them down for us. Not good. Go Packers!

     Raiders (4-5) @ Lions (2-7)

     It’s hard to believe that the Lions are this bad. A win by the Raiders means the Lions can finish the season no better than 8-8 with the push going to Seattle for the #6 Wild Card spot. It’s the Raiders so I won’t suggest anyone cheers for them but if the Lions lose we can all cheer that.

     Rams (4-5) @ Ravens (2-7)

     Slim odds for the Ravens but the Rams have the same chance at the #6 spot that the Seahawks have. This isn’t that important of a win for the Rams but helps them keep pace with Seattle. A loss most likely means they finish the season (7-9) tied for 8th place and out of the playoffs. Go Ravens!

     Bengals (9-0) @ Cardinals (7-2)

     At this point the Cardinals have almost wrapped up the #3 spot for the playoffs and we really don’t want them to lose. For the larger scheme of things this is a meaningless game for the Seahawks but we need to cheer them on to end the game with no injuries. Looking down the road the Week 13 @ Rams and Week 14 Vikings are games we need Arizona to win for us. Those wins let the Seahawks grab a #6 spot at 8-8 at the end of the season. Go whoever!

     Buccaneers (4-5) @ Eagles (4-5)

     Both of these teams are in the same outside edge that the Seahawks are in but the head to heads still favor Seattle. Considering the remaining schedule for both teams I think Tampa Bay has the harder schedule so we need the Bucs to pull off the win here and almost put the nail in the Eagles playoff hopes. Go Buccaneers!

Here’s how the rest of the season looks for the NFC West.

Seahawks (4-5)

@ Vikings
@ Ravens
@ Cardinals

Cardinals (7-2)

@ 49ers
@ Rams
@ Eagles

Rams (4-5)

@ Ravens
@ Bengals
@ Seahawks
@ 49ers

49ers (3-6)

@ Seahawks
@ Bears
@ Browns
@ Lions

     Got picks? Then head on over to The Fan’s Tribune and post ‘em up! Solid opinions about the games and it is just plain fun to compare your outlook with other fans.

     Want to read more? I’d suggest giving Buccaneer Bri a read. Honest posts from a true fan about their team while being a good read at the same time.


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