N. Idaho Spring Opener

July 8, 2015

4th july a

     What a great month June was for taking the bike out of town on a ride. The weather was perfect and that streak has continued into July with only a hint of rain and even less road construction on my usual routes. I spent the month almost on constant rides and I’ve fallen behind in blog postings. But judging by the posts, or lack of them, on motorcycle blogs I follow I wasn’t the only one so I’m in good company on that count.

     After some spring maintenance on the bike I started the month by riding over to North Idaho for their Spring Opener. If you haven’t ridden over yet for the event then it is something to put on your to do list for next year. If you don’t know what a Spring Opener is then let me elaborate. It is an event in your state that marks the official start to the riding season. Usually a two or three day party with events, rides, camping, bands and beer. Many states will also hold a Fall Bash to mark the official end of the riding season. In other words, a really great excuse to get the bike out and go for a ride.


     The event was again held in Kingston, ID as it has been for a few years now. The pic at the top of this post is at a chain area before heading over 4th of July pass on the way there from Spokane, WA. The location they have over there is a great one right on the river and surrounded by mountains. Easy to find and was still cool even during the hottest parts of the day. I went over on a Saturday only ticket so don’t know how good the camping is but from the looks of it I’ll be staying the whole three days next year.

rodeo 1

     The rodeo area was surrounded by all kinds of vendors. The philly steak sandwich I had for lunch is almost enough excuse by itself to ride back again next year for another. The prices at the beer garden were low for an outdoor event held in the middle of nowhere too. The band wasn’t too shabby either. Really had a good time with no complaints other than I had to head out too early so I didn’t have to go over the pass after dark. Really need a better headlight.

     The bike games had all kinds of people and bikes trying their best to take home a prize. There was the Joust event, spear as many rings as possible.


     Ride the plank. 30 feet of 2×6 and measured for distance.


     The ever popular, and my favorite, Slow race. First one to the finish line loses.

slow 1

     And then those events that I didn’t get pictures for. The Keg Roll, Honey I’m Home and Weenie Bite.

     All in all a great day and a perfect start to the riding season in North Idaho. Looking forward to hitting up the event next year and try out the camping. There are lots of back highways and twisty side roads to explore in that area so an excuse to take a ride shouldn’t be hard to find.

My Ride Stats
130 Miles
61 MPG (New Record! Following an oil change and new spark plug caps)


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