Seahawks: Wild-Card Week 1

January 2, 2015

The Seahawks clinched the NFC #1 seed last week by virtue of a win over the Rams at home. With a first round bye and home field advantage through the playoffs Seattle isn’t playing this week. Instead they get to enjoy a well earned rest after the leagues hardest closing schedule.

Beginning a six game stretch of Cardinals, @ 49ers, @ Eagles, 49ers, @ Cardinals, Rams a 3-3 outcome wasn’t all that unrealistic. They proved the Vegas odds makers wrong by going (6-0) folks. Six and frigging zero. With five of those games against the toughest division in football. Closing out the season against the Rams with a depleted roster the Seahawks needed the win, made it happen, and now get a week off to help replenish the ranks. At last look Unger (C), Kearse (WR), Helfet (TE), Simon (CB), Dobbs (DE), Wright (LB), Okung (T), Lynch (RB), Hill (DT), Johnson (SS) and Sweezy (G) will be in the line-up.

Who exactly their second round opponent will be is still undecided but it won’t be Dallas. As the #3 seed if the Cowboys win they will be heading to Green Bay leaving the #4 Panthers and #5 Cardinals to duke it out over who gets to go to Seattle. If the Cowboys lose then the #6 Lions will be their next opponent no matter who wins at Carolina.


NFC Playoff Picks

I got the Panthers @ Falcons game wrong. But then again so did almost everyone else. Sticking with the NFC South I think that the Cardinals @ Panthers game might be the one to watch. The Cardinals backup QB did pretty damn good against the 49ers defense and I don’t think that the Panthers are a harder opponent. Then again it seems like the Cardinals have spent the last week focusing on next year instead of the next game. I’ll be cheering on the Cardinals but think the Panthers will win.

1st seed – Seahawks
2nd seed – Packers
3rd seed – Cowboys
4th seed – Panthers
5th seed – Cardinals
6th seed – Lions

Cardinals @ Panthers = Panthers
Lions @ Cowboys = Cowboys

Panthers @ Seahawks = Seahawks
Cowboys @ Packers = Packers

Packers @ Seahawks = Seahawks

AFC Playoff Picks

I don’t follow the AFC so I’m just guessing here based on what I have read.

1st seed – Patriots
2nd seed – Broncos
3rd seed – Steelers
4th seed – Colts
5th seed – Bengals
6th seed – Ravens

Bengals @ Colts = Colts
Ravens @ Steelers = Steelers

Colts @ Patriots = Patriots
Steelers @ Broncos = Steelers

Steelers @ Patriots = Patriots

Patriots AFC @ Seahawks NFC = Seahawks
MVP – Seahawks mascot Blitz after interrupting a Brady TD Pass before being ejected from the sidelines.


End of year rants and rumbles

* So the Eagles finished (10-6), didn’t make the playoffs and already the articles about how we need to change the playoff format are spreading. Knock it off! Right now you have 3 teams to compete against in your division for a playoff spot. Three! Finish second place and you still got a 50/50 chance at a spot. That is already fair and balanced so leave it alone. How about the Eagles just win games against teams with losing records and finish the season (12-4) instead?

* After the Broncos lost earlier in the year to the Seahawks in OT there was a lot of yelling and screaming about how the OT rules need to be changed too. I’m glad those stories seem to have disappeared. This is another thing that doesn’t need to be changed. Score a TD on the first possession and win. Anything else gives the other team a chance to win it instead. Fair enough.

* Instead of changing the Redskins moniker how about we just rename the Dallas Cowboys to the Dallas Honkys. Instant classic! Who wouldn’t vote for it just to watch TV commentators try and call the Honkys @ Redskins game without saying either team name?

* Hey 49ers. Instead of piping in loud and very annoying 7 second music clips over the PA system at Levis stadium when Seattle is on offense how about you just get some fans in the seats? Better yet just record the crowd noise at Century Link field and pipe that instead. Then give whoever announces Seattle 3rd downs some decaf. You aren’t fooling anyone. Although I will say that the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” sound clip at the end of the game you were losing was pretty funny.

* Speaking of noise, Kansas City is not the loudest stadium in football. Could people please stop calling it that. I don’t have TV and listen to Seahawks games on the radio instead. I know when the announcers are calling a home game in Seattle because they have to yell for an hour an a half over the crowd noise. When the Seahawks played at Chiefs earlier this year it sounded like the announcers could be off fishing somewhere. Yeah you could hear some noise from the kids in the camp ground but for the most part just another day at the beach. KC is not the loudest hands down no contest.

* Did you know Seattle’s Richard Sherman made the Pro Bowl this year? You wouldn’t really know it by reading the news. In an article I wrote last year I said about Sherman that, “… a lack of highlights from a position he has totally shut down speaks louder than any headline could.” I’m glad that a season of lower stats because quarterbacks won’t throw at him didn’t keep him out of the pro bowl selection. Hopefully after this season articles will stop saying that he isn’t a shut down corner too.

And finally.

* There will be no L.A. Team move next year so the talk about moving Seattle out of the NFC West has died down. I hope it stays that way. The NFC West is the toughest division in football and breaking it up is a really bad idea. I would rather see Los Angeles, San Antonio, London, Berlin all start new teams and make the NFC five team divisions. I can’t wait to see mascots for the L.A. Rattlesnakes, San Antonio Coyotes, London Troopers (usage rights paid to Iron Maiden) and the Berlin Wolves.


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