Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 17

December 22, 2014

The Seahawks clinched a wild-card spot and end the regular season against who else? The Rams. At home. For the third year in a row. This is getting to be as common as @ Panthers games. Not that ending the season at home isn’t cool and all but instead of Super Bowl odds I’m starting to wonder what the over/under in Vegas is on the 2015 schedule making it Rams for a fourth year. I know its a petty complaint but here in the Pacific Northwest people aren’t really happy unless they have something to bitch about and week 17 isn’t leaving us much.

Last week the Seahawks were given the aforementioned wild-card spot when the Eagles lost and Cowboys won. Moved up to first place for the NFC West after winning at Cardinals. The specter of a Dallas head to head tie breaker is gone with the Lions @ Packers match-up both being tied at (11-4) almost ensuring a three-way tie in favor of Seattle no matter the outcome. And if all that isn’t bad enough a Seahawks win at home this week will clinch a first round bye with home field advantage through the playoffs. As the #1 seed! So in other words feelings in the Pacific Northwest are at an all time low.

I blame the 49ers. Why? Because now I have two things to complain about that’s why.


Rams (6-9) @ Seahawks (11-4)

Seattle starts week 17 with Dobbs (DE), Helfet (TE), Matthews (WR), Okung (T), Unger (C), Sweezy (G), Richardson (WR), Lynch (RB), Moeaki (TE), Kearse (WR), Simon (CB), two cheerleaders (SKRT) and a water boy (GAT) listed as injured. Its unclear at this point who from the practice squad will fill in for the cheerleaders so don’t panic just yet. What is clear is that the Seahawks need a first round bye to rest up and replenish the ranks. That week 4 bye was a long time ago and fourteen weeks without a rest is starting to tell. Seattle really needs this win at home.

No one will have to tell the Seahawks they can’t just kick back and take a win for granted either. Last year’s season ender against the Rams was a bloody fist fight with more personal foul penalties and ejections than either team had the entire season. It was the unforgettable hit by Lockette that swung the momentum in favor of the Seahawks and the Rams never seemed to recover. But that didn’t stop them from racking up more penalties and fighting till the end. This talk in the media about the Rams “hanging it up” for the year is a load of crap. They will play for a full 60 minutes and try to knock out some teeth while they are at it. Preferably from the other team but I think just any teeth will do when they play in Seattle.

Expect the Rams to bring it.

Sadly, other than injuries I got nothing else to complain about. The defense last week was fantastic. Seattle had more penalty yards (92) than the Cardinals had in total offense (64) at halftime. The offensive line played one of their best games of the year even with starters out of action. Instead of picking Wilson up off the turf the front line lifted him up to a regular season career high of 339 passing yards. The run game came through huge with all three backs helping to carry the load and topping it off with a 79 yard TD run by Lynch that is possibly one of the best NFL rushes of all time.

Whatever adjustments the Seahawks made after the 49ers game have paid off big. If Seattle can do it at home just one more time then they’ll have two weeks off before hosting (prolly) the Falcons and Packers before facing off against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Go Seahawks!


Seahawks playoff scenarios

1st seed – Seahawks win
3rd seed – Seahawks loss with a Cardinals loss
5th seed – Seahawks loss


Bonus scenario games!

Lions (11-4) @ Packers (11-4)

Out of the NFC playoff teams the Lions are playing some of the worst football right now. I don’t think a first round bye is really going to help them out that much. With that in mind I’ll be cheering on Detroit this weekend so that the Packers don’t get that week off instead. Go Lions!


Cardinals (11-4) @ 49ers (7-8)

If the Seahawks lose to the Rams then we’ll need the Cardinals to lose also so that we get a home game as the #3 seed. A loss by the Cardinals also means they won’t have a week to rest up and get their injured players back on line before being eliminated from the playoffs. Go 49ers!


Cowboys (11-4) @ Redskins (4-11)

Since the head to head tie breaker Dallas had over Seattle is no longer an issue I get to cheer against them just out of spite. Go Redskins!


Panthers (6-8-1) @ Falcons (6-9)

Who cares? I’ll be cheering on Tampa Bay as they host the Saints because it would be cool to see them end the season on a high note. Go Buccaneers!


Eagles (9-6) @ Giants (6-10)

Do you really want to spend the entire frigging off season reading whiny stories about how the (10-6) Eagles missed the playoffs but the NFC South gets to host a playoff game? Me either. Go Giants!


Double bonus playoff prediction!

1st seed – Seahawks
2nd seed – Packers
3rd seed – Cowboys
4th seed – Falcons
5th seed – Cardinals
6th seed – Lions

Cardinals @ Falcons = Falcons
Lions @ Cowboys = Cowboys

Falcons @ Seahawks = Seahawks
Cowboys @ Packers = Packers

Packers @ Seahawks = Seahawks

Patriots AFC vs Seahawks NFC = Seahawks
Super Bowl MVP = 12th Man (accepted on behalf of by Russell Wilson)


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4 Responses to “Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 17”

  1. Sounds like you’re discounting Arizona having a chance to win in Atlanta – they should have Stanton back by then. Also, do you have any information on why Arizona’s pretty much locked into the 5th seed? Why would they finish ahead of the Packers if the Packers ended up losing to the Lions next Sunday?

  2. Reblogged this on The Fan's Tribune and commented:
    The Seahawks are in prime position to take 1st in the NFC for the second straight year – this is how they can get ‘er dun ;)

  3. Shawn West Says:

    Cardinals and Packers didn’t play each other during the regular season. With no head to head game the tie at 11-5 it would come down to conference record which gives it to the Cardinals.

    I haven’t watched any other Cardinals games other than last weekend and their losses have been on the road. Granted, it was against the Seahawks but with the #1 seed on the line that was the best they could do? I expected a lot more defense and that was a game they needed more than Seattle did. Even with Stanton back if they play defense like that they’ll lose a shootout in Atlanta.

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