Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 16

December 15, 2014

With two regular season games left week 16 has the Seahawks with one foot in the playoffs and the other outside looking in. The Cardinals clinched, the 49ers are out and five teams remain playing for the last four playoff spots. A Dallas win gives Seattle the current wild-card tie breaks and finally for the first time this year the Seahawks are in control of their own playoff destiny.

After weeks of hoping for upset victories in the rest of the NFC this week it will be just one game that has Seattle in the playoffs or possibly sitting at home next month watching them.


Seahawks (10-4) @ Cardinals (11-3)

All the talk about Arizona quarterbacks is leaving something unsaid. Mainly, that there’s nothing wrong with the Cardinals defense. That should cause some concern in the Pacific Northwest since it won’t be their quarterback sacking ours.

Seattle was giving up an average of 2 sacks a game through the first 11 weeks but everything changed in week 12 when the Arizona defense came to town. During that game the Cardinals sacked Wilson seven times starting a four game stretch that has now totaled 18 sacks. Playing at home with the #1 NFC Spot on the line the Arizona defense is going to do everything possible to add to that number this week.

The Cardinals have managed win after win with a defense that has kept games in reach and an offense that only has to do just enough. This should sound awfully familiar to any Seahawks fan. While the Seattle offensive line has noticeably improved on run blocking the last few weeks the pass blocking has not shown signs of such. On the road in Arizona the Seahawks line is going to have to clamp down and play better than it has or its only going to take a backup quarterback to beat us.

While he holds for their field goal kicker.


Seahawks week 16 playoff scenarios

1st seed – Seahawks win with a Cowboys loss
1st seed – Seahawks win with a Packers or Lions win
2nd seed – Seahawks, Cowboys, Cardinals tied at 11-4
5th seed – Seahawks win

If the Seahawks lose then any 3 way tie keeps them in the wild-card spot. A head to head with the Cowboys moves them down and out to #7.


Bonus Scenario Games!

Colts (10-4) @ Cowboys (10-4)

Only thing that matters here is that the Seahawks hold tie breakers over all the other playoff teams except for Dallas. A Cowboys loss with two more Seahawks wins means the road to the Super bowl is going through Seattle again this year. Go Colts!


Lions (10-4) @ Bears (6-8)

The Lions looked terrible last week while mistakes by the Vikings won the game for them. Heading into the Bears this week I’m sure Detroit will be looking to make a statement win while trying to clinch a wild-card spot and possibly a #2 seed with a first round bye in the playoffs. This is something we don’t want to see happen. Go Bears!


Packers (10-4) @ Buccaneers (2-12)

The Bills did it! They actually did it! After weeks of hanging our hopes on the NFC Buccaneers, Vikings, Falcons and Rams for any playoff help the AFC East showed ‘em all how it’s done when the Bills won at home versus the Packers.

What the hell does that have to do with this weeks game? Well nothing really, but it means we don’t have to spend this weekend sacrificing fried chickens to the Skittle Gods pleading for an upset. Go Pizza Hut!


Eagles (9-5) @ Redskins (3-11)

A loss by the Eagles to the Cowboys last week gives Seattle some breathing room. Another loss this week at Washington means that Seattle almost clinches a wild-card spot even if they lose at Cardinals this week and versus Rams to end the season. Go Redskins!


Here’s how the rest of the season looks for the NFC West.

Seahawks (10-4)

@ Cardinals (11-3)
Rams (6-8)

Cardinals (10-3)

Seahawks (10-4)
@ 49ers (7-7)

Rams (6-8)

Giants (5-9)
@ Seahawks (10-4)

49ers (7-7)

Chargers (8-6)
Cardinals (11-3)


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4 Responses to “Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 16”

  1. I saw that upset coming from a mile away – the Bills sure came through. But I think you’re making the next game sound a lot harder than it will be. The day that the Seahawks get beat by a third string QB will not be one to come for several years. Also I was really hoping that you would comment on some of my posts after I recommended my blog to you last week :( GO COLTS!

    • Shawn West Says:

      Been waiting on a link to your blog, I’ll go check it out.

      As for the Cardinals game they were supposed to lose against the Chiefs and the Rams also but found a way to win on the road. At home they will be even harder and Wilson has been taking a pounding the last month. Our offensive line is the weak link in the chain.
      I did like that we were rotating running backs more against the 49ers. I spent a great deal of last year wondering why we weren’t seeing more Turbin.

  2. Reblogged this on The Fan's Tribune and commented:
    A more detailed account on the playoff scenarios for my team – the Seattle Seahawks!

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