Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 15

December 9, 2014

Entering into Week 15 the Seahawks are still playing elimination football with only three weeks left in the regular season. A win keeps them in the current playoff picture but a loss might see Seattle moved down to a #7 spot on the outside looking in.

While the upcoming home game against the 49ers presents Seattle with a grand opportunity to knock a division rival out of the post season it’s also a game they cannot afford to lose. The week 14 playoff picture saw Seattle looking for help from the rest of the NFC. Any win by the Bears, Bucs, Chiefs or Falcons would help secure a playoff spot for the good guys.

What happened? They lost. Every single one of them.

The Bears game was never close. The Bucs looked good during the opening quarter before falling apart. Atlanta gave Green Bay a run for their money but fell short. And the Chiefs? Facing a Cardinals team so wracked with injuries they are down to using cheerleaders in its sub rotation still couldn’t hold onto a second half lead for the win.

Gee, thanks for nothing NFC.

Traveling across country to Philadelphia the Seahawks knew it was a game they had to win. And going up against the much lauded fast passed Eagles offense on top of that! What a dark hour for the Pacific Northwest. Fans saw pretty much what we were all told to expect as the Seahawks defense was assaulted with a veritable storm of plays while the Eagles put up 14 points on 139 yards of offense in only 18 minutes. Can you believe that? So it turned out to be a good thing indeed that Seattle had the ball for the other 42 minutes.

Whew! Close call.

Sarcasm aside, Seattle needed the win, made it happen, and they hold onto the #5 wild-card spot for one more week. That’s the good news. The bad news? With three weeks left to play a win only keeps the Seahawks stuck in a three-way tie for that #5 spot. Dallas holds the head to head tie breaker and is poised to knock Seattle down and out to #7 once the log jam breaks. The Seahawks are going to need help from the rest of the NFC and those prospects, just like last week, are looking awfully grim.

Here are the four week 15 games that could either see Seattle in the playoffs or sitting at home next month watching them.


Vikings (6-7) @ Lions (9-4)

With Tampa Bay failing to come through last week Seattle this time around is counting on the Vikings to travel to Detroit and knock off their NFC North rival. This game is a must win for the Vikings or be officially eliminated from the playoffs. A win by Minnesota will also keep the Seahawks in the current playoff picture no matter what happens in the rest of the NFC. If the Lions win this week they will be one game away from clinching a wild-card spot and leaving eight other teams, including the Seahawks, reaching for the last one. Go Vikings!


Cowboys (9-4) @ Eagles (9-4)

Dallas enters week 15 tied atop the NFC East with Philadelphia heading into a Clash of the Titans game that will decide for their division once and for all … absolutely nothing.

Excited yet?

With two games still remaining the title will still be up for grabs no matter the outcome. However for Seattle, also at (9-4), this game is going to rearrange the chairs at the wild-card table. The Cowboys remaining schedule is @ Eagles, Colts, @ Redskins. The Eagles will play Cowboys, @ Redskins, @ Giants.

Since Dallas holds the tie breaker Seattle is going to have to beat them on win/loss record for the last wild-card spot. The only thing keeping us in there right now is our three-way tie with the Lions that moves down the Cowboys for us to #7. Looking at remaining team schedules I’m going to say that the Seahawks need an Eagles win here. Hopefully we didn’t break anything while we were there last week and Philadelphia comes out ahead. Go Eagles!


Cardinals (10-3) @ Rams (6-7)

Considering the other week 15 match-ups this is most likely Seattle’s only ray of hope.

The Rams have been playing some insane football and will host their NFC West rival in a game they have to win or be officially eliminated from the playoffs. A Cardinals win means they clinch a wild-card spot no matter what happens in the rest of the NFC. A Cardinals win might also create a four-way tie for the remaining wild-card spot with the Seahawks standing third in line.

Not good.

This will be a short week Thursday Night game on the road for the NFC #1 playoff seed Cardinals. Seattle needs St. Louis to keep playing like they have and get the win.

As a side story to that game, forgetting for a moment the playoffs entirely, for all of us fans a Cardinals loss with a Seahawks win might be the very best of week 15 outcomes. Why? Because this will tie both teams at (10-6) with Seattle @ Arizona next week in a winner take all NFC West Championship game. How cool would that be? The playoffs could be starting two weeks early in the Pacific Northwest. Go Rams!


49ers (7-6) @ Seahawks (9-4)

If Seattle wins they stay in the current playoff picture no matter what the rest of the NFC does. A loss by the Seahawks means that only a Vikings win can save us. Go Seahawks!

Seahawks week 15 playoff scenarios:

1st seed – Seahawks win with a Cardinals & Packers loss
2nd seed – Seahawks win with a Cardinals & Cowboys loss
3rd seed – Seahawks & Cowboys win with a Cardinals loss
5th seed – Seahawks win
5th seed – Seahawks loss with a Vikings win


Bonus Scenario game!

Packers (10-3) @ Bills (7-6)

While not having anything to do with the Seahawks being in the playoffs, if the road to the Super Bowl is going to go through Seattle again this year then the Packers need to lose a game.

The Falcons couldn’t do it on Monday Night and next up we have the Bills getting a chance to make that happen. If Buffalo looks over at the NFC West and says better luck next week then our hopes are going to rest on the Buccaneers pulling off the impossible at home. In a universe that gave us a Panthers win at Saints to go with a Raiders win over the 49ers last week would this really be too much to ask for?

Yeah, most likely.

So if neither of these two teams can get a win over the Packers then it will all come down to a season ending game with the Lions @ Packers. Can you believe that crap? Seattle cheering on Golden Tate. What the hell is going on around here. Like I said at the top of this article, prospects are looking grim.


Here’s how the rest of the season looks for the NFC West.

Seahawks (9-4)

49ers (7-6)
@ Cardinals (10-3)
Rams (6-7)

Cardinals (10-3)

@ Rams (6-7)
Seahawks (9-4)
@ 49ers (7-6)

Rams (6-7)

Cardinals (10-3)
Giants (4-9)
@ Seahawks (9-4)

49ers (7-6)

@ Seahawks (9-4)
Chargers (8-5)
Cardinals (10-3)


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2 Responses to “Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 15”

  1. There’s no way the Seahawks are losing another game this season with the way they’re playing. The way I see it is if the Packer’s don’t win out, they’re done, because that means they play in Seattle again! :D Also, have you ever thought about checking out my blog? I’m sure you would enjoy my post about Russell Wilson. :)

  2. Shawn West Says:

    I just see a blank page at … throw up a link. Was looking for your picks you mentioned before too.

    Was only after writing this that I figured out that the Vikings are already out of the playoffs. They have a record to still be on the very edge but lose tie breakers no matter what scenario.

    It LOOKS like Seattle could win out, but I’m a life long Seahawks fan. Raising hopes just to smash them on the rocks and burn whatever is left is par for the course in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve only focused on the worst case wild-card scenario. I dare not even mention winning out or taking the NFC West title and a 1st round bye. I won’t be blamed by the other 6 million people in my state for laying on the jinx.

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