Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 14

December 1, 2014

Heading into the final quarter of the season week 14 sees the Seahawks playing elimination football. A win keeps ‘em in and puts the Seahawks on track for a possible 1st round playoff bye. A loss this week could leave Seattle needing help for a wild-card spot and those prospects are looking awfully grim.

The downside of stacking divisional games at the end of the season for the NFC is that the teams already in the playoffs are pretty much going to stay there. Failing a season ending slump, most of the divisional games no matter who wins just rearrange the seed spots for the same 8 teams. The top teams of each division play the worst teams in each division so the Seahawks can’t hope for one playoff team to knock another out clearing up a spot for us to claim. Instead of mixing and matching scenarios Seattle is going to spend the next couple of weeks hoping for a lot of upset victories in our rival divisions.

Here are the four week 14 games that can make or break playoff hopes in the Pacific Northwest.


Cowboys (8-4) @ Bears (5-7)

The Cowboys enter week 14 tied with Seattle for a wild-card spot and a game behind Philadelphia in the NFC East. A win by Dallas gives them the #6 seed or keeps them tied for it while holding the head to head tie break over Seattle. Even with a loss to the Bears they can still grab the last wild-card spot from Seattle with help from the rest of the NFC. Heading into the final four game stretch the Seahawks really need Dallas to start it off with a loss at Chicago before final games @ Eagles, Colts, @ Redskins. Go Bears!


Buccaneers (2-10) @ Lions (8-4)

Tampa Bay found a way to seize defeat from the jaws of victory last week. The Seahawks are hoping that trend doesn’t continue with the Buccaneers somehow managing the big upset. If Tampa Bay walks away with the win here then the Seahawks stay in the playoffs no matter what happens this week in the rest of the NFC. A Lions loss also has them on the outside looking in at #7 or up into a #6 with the Bears upset win over Dallas. If the Lions win at home over the Buccaneers then they’ll almost clinch a wild-card spot heading into final games vs. Vikings, @ Bears, @ Packers while holding the tie breaker versus the Cowboys. Go Buccaneers!


Chiefs (7-5) @ Cardinals (9-3)

For all the Seahawks fans out there from the AFC West days, a win by the Chiefs will most likely see three of our old divisional teams holding a spot in the playoffs. How cool is that? And the cherry on top? The Raiders are dead last at (1-11) the season after we won the Super Bowl versus the Broncos! Just doesn’t get much better than that. Well, other than winning back to back Super Bowls against our old division, this time the Chiefs. But lets just enjoy the moment.


Ok, so after that happy thought, here’s another. A Cardinals loss with a Seahawks win moves Seattle up into the #2 spot with a 1st round playoff bye as the NFC West Leader with three games left to go. For the first time this season the Seahawks would be in the divisional drivers seat and in control of their own playoff destiny.

A win by Arizona however will place them one game away from clinching a wild-card spot with some help next week and possibly see them with a two game divisional lead. That would throw the Seahawks, Eagles, Cowboys, Lions and 49ers back into a pile chasing after the last three playoff spots with Seattle facing the toughest remaining schedule. Go Chiefs!


Seahawks (8-4) @ Eagles (9-3)

If Seattle wins they stay in the current playoff picture no matter what the rest of the NFC does. A loss by the Seahawks means that only a Buccaneers win can save us. Go Seahawks!

Seahawks week 14 playoff scenarios

1st seed – Seahawks win with a Packers & Cardinals loss.
2nd seed – Seahawks win with a Cardinals loss
5th seed – Seahawks win
6th seed – Seahawks loss with a Bucs win

Here’s how the rest of the season looks for the NFC West.


Seahawks (8-4)   Opponents (30-18)

@ Eagles (9-3)
49ers (7-5)
@ Cardinals (9-3)
Rams (5-7)

Cardinals (9-3)   Opponents (27-21)

Chiefs (7-5)
@ Rams (5-7)
Seahawks (8-4)
@ 49ers (7-5)

Rams (5-7)   Opponents (23-25)

@ Redskins (3-9)
Cardinals (9-3)
Giants (3-9)
@ Seahawks (8-4)

49ers (7-5)   Opponents (26-22)

@ Raiders (1-11)
@ Seahawks (8-4)
Chargers (8-4)
Cardinals (9-3)


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2 Responses to “Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 14”

  1. It looks like the Seahawks are finally playing with purpose again – there’s universe in which they don’t at least make the playoffs if they continue to play the way they are. I’m confident in their abilities to take matters into their own hands, something they will have to do, as it doesn’t seem likely they’ll be receiving much help in the wild card race this week.

    • Shawn West Says:

      Two games in a row with the same offensive line should help our run game but no Max Unger still hurts. Pass protection should also improve with spots settled and real time experience blocking for Wilson next to the same guys. Improve on red zone play and prepare for the Eagles quick call offense should see us get the win.

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