Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 13

November 25, 2014

A week 12 win moves my Seahawks into the playoffs with a #6 wild-card seed by a fingernail over the 49ers. A Thursday Night game at San Francisco will determine which team gets to stay in.

Here’s the three games that might make or break the post season hopes in Seattle heading into week 13.

Eagles (8-3) @ Cowboys (8-3)

Failing a season ending slump over the remaining five games one of these teams is going to edge out the Seahawks or 49ers from the playoffs. Based on the remaining schedule I’m going to say that Seattle needs the Cowboys to win here, but judge for yourselves. After this game Dallas plays @ Bears, @ Eagles, vs Colts and @ Redskins. The Eagles will play vs Seahawks, vs Cowboys, @ Redskins and @ Giants.

Bears (5-6) @ Lions (7-4)

An upset win by Chicago sees the Lions finishing the season at worse (9-7) with later losses @ Chicago and @ Packers. A win by the lions means they will finish at least (10-6) with victories @ Buccaneers and vs Vikings with a 50/50 chance Detroit edges out the Seahawks from the playoffs at (11-5). Go Bears!

Seahawks (7-4) @ 49ers (7-4)

Looking at the rest of the season schedule this weeks game is more of a must win for Seattle than it is for the 49ers. While not giving Seattle a lock on a playoff spot, a win puts them one more victory away from being in control of their own playoff destiny with five games remaining. For the 49ers a win this week is just more elbow room before playing @ Raiders then finishing the season with two of three games at home.

Juggling the probability dice the Seahawks and 49ers can split home games over the next three weeks and we could still see the Cardinals, Seahawks and 49ers all making the playoffs. How cool would that be? But why take chances, Go Seahawks!


Here’s how the rest of the season looks for the NFC West.


Seahawks (7-4) Opponents (35-20)

@ 49ers (7-4)
@ Eagles (8-3)
@ Cardinals (9-2)
Rams (4-7)

Cardinals (9-2) Opponents (29-26)

@ Falcons (4-7)
Chiefs (7-4)
@ Rams (4-7)
Seahawks (7-4)
@ 49ers (7-4)

Rams (4-7) Opponents (23-32)

Raiders (1-10)
@ Redskins (3-8)
Cardinals (9-2)
Giants (3-8)
@ Seahawks (7-4)

49ers (7-4) Opponents (31-24)

Seahawks (7-4)
@ Raiders (1-10)
@ Seahawks
Chargers (7-4)
Cardinals (9-2)

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4 Responses to “Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 13”

  1. I totally knew that the Hawks would win on Sunday – they seem to finally be back on track! I firmly believe that Seattle WILL win @ SF, who barely squeaked by the Redskins at home last weekend. BTW, stay tuned to my blog for my Week 13 NFL picks!

    • Shawn West Says:

      We usually split with the 49ers but since the week 8 bye they have played terrible footbal and have tried everything to give away games to teams that want the loss more than they do.
      Starting in week 9 with wins over the Rams by 3, Saints by 3, Giants by 6 and Redskins by 4. The 49ers are playing .500 football while the Seahawks should be 10-3. Really bad ref calls, or lack thereof, cost us the Dallas, Rams and Chiefs games.
      Everything is looking good going into Thursday for the Seahawks. Even with a loss though they can still get in the playoffs. They’ll just have to go 4-1 over the last 5 games or 3-2 with some help from the rest of the NFC.
      Go Seahawks!

      • I must disagree with you on the topic of the Cowboys game – the Seahawks were annihilated in that game, Dallas’ special teams kept it close. Either way you look at it, the Seahawks need at least three more wins to have a chance and I that seems likely the way they’re playing right now.

  2. Shawn West Says:

    Ha, was looking at too many stats. You’re right about the Dallas game, the Seahawks fell apart in that one. Seattle is playing at a 9-2 level right now. Time to break in the new San Fran stadium and snap that @ 49ers losing streak. Go Seahawks!

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