NFC West: Seahawks Playoff Watch

November 18, 2014

Week 12 sees my Seahawks on the outside looking in. Even with a sweep of all four remaining games against both the Cardinals and 49ers the Seahawks still aren’t in control of their own playoff destiny. We’re gonna need some help and it’s not looking good for some of it.

Here are the six Week 12 games that might make or break our playoff hopes.

Cardinals (9-1) @ Seahawks (6-4)

Not exactly a must win but damn near. With a loss at home the Seahawks start rolling the probability dice to get into the playoffs. And with the way the refs are calling games this year I wouldn’t place any bets on ‘em.

Titans (2-8) @ Eagles (7-3)

Pray for the upset. A win by the Titans with a win at home by the Seahawks moves Seattle back into the playoffs with a number 6 seed no matter what the 49ers do. With the Eagles remaining schedule that includes at home vs Seattle in week 14 an upset here would really shake things up. Unlikely but stranger things have happened this year.

Packers (7-3) @ Vikings (4-6)

Here’s another long shot that would help if the Titans lose at Philadelphia. If the Vikings can pull off the upset then again, Seattle is in the playoffs with a number 6 seed with a win at home no matter what the 49ers do. Seattle also owns the tie breaker victory from week 1 against Green Bay. Moving the lions back up into 1st place for the NFC North would work in our favor if we can sweep the 49ers and win at home vs the Cardinals.

Lions (7-3) @ Patriots (8-2)

A loss by Detroit moves them down into 2nd place for the NFC North. With their remaining schedule there is an outside chance we might beat them out for the last wild-card spot on win/loss record.

Cowboys (7-3) @ Giants (3-7)

The Giants have lost two in a row and are due a win. Since Dallas has the tie breaker with their win at Seattle we need to beat them on strength of record. Here’s hoping the cold in New York gets to them and the Cowboys walk away with a loss.

Redskins (3-7) @ 49ers (6-4)

Good luck Washington. We’re cheering for you.


How the rest of the season looks for the NFC West

Seahawks (6-4)     Opponents (41-19)

Cardinals (9-1)
@ 49ers (6-4)
@ Eagles (7-3)
@ Cardinals
Rams (4-6)

Cardinals (9-1)     Opponents (33-27)

@ Seahawks (6-4)
@ Falcons (4-6)
Chiefs (7-3)
@ Rams (4-6)
@ 49ers (6-4)

Rams (4-6)     Opponents (27-33)

@ Chargers (6-4)
Raiders (0-10)
@ Redskins (3-7)
Cardinals (9-1)
Giants (3-7)
@ Seahawks (6-4)

49ers (6-4)     Opponents (30-30)

Redskins (3-7)
Seahawks (6-4)
@ Raiders (0-10)
@ Seahawks
Chargers (6-4)
Cardinals (9-1)

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One Response to “NFC West: Seahawks Playoff Watch”

  1. It’s definitely not looking good for the Seahawks – I would never have thought that they would be in this situation in September.

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