Seahawks: Things are looking up

October 20, 2014

Even though last Sunday’s game ended in a loss for the Seahawks (3-3) things are looking up for Seattle.

News headlines have been focused on the Harvin trade, a slumping team or how the sky is falling and it’s all a pile of rubbish. Getting the most press is about trading Harvin to the Jets and what a big blow to the offense that will be.


Strip the hype and what did Seattle actually trade? A lot of nothing. The guy made a couple great catches and a kick return past mid field against the Vikings last year in a game we would of won anyway. Take away the touchdown return during the Super Bowl means we only would of won 36-8. The only thing Harvin contributed to our offense was the “threat of Harvin” and the only team drinking the kool-aid on that one was Green Bay in this year’s first regular season game.

Now I can’t say we’ve seen nothing from Harvin this year. In fact we’ve seen a lot of everything except what we got him for in the first place, a deep threat wide receiver. The whole point was to use Harvin’s speed to stretch the field and give the quarterback options. Run it himself, throw the under pass or let Lynch rumble off yardage all because Harvin is drawing the double coverage down field.

It has been very frustrating as a fan this year watching the Seahawks line Harvin up as a half back or find an excuse to sweep. Since when are we a screen pass team? Where the hell is the run game? Pound their line with Lynch, pass under to Kearse, option with Turbin and throw the clutch pass to Baldwin. Rinse, repeat and see ya in the playoffs. How hard is that? Personally I am glad to see him go if for no other reason that the Seahawks can stop trying to bend it’s offense around him.

And about this slump we are supposed to be in. Really?

I don’t really care how you look at it. Seven receivers gaining 313 yards, four rushers gaining 171 and a defense that got the ball to make it happen isn’t slump.

Yes, this last weekend the Seahawks did lose to the Rams. A truck load of injuries for the Hawks is no excuse, “next man up”, but losing players to injury in the frigging pregame warm-ups is going to throw anyones scheme for a loop. And when the other guys can pull off some special team heroics like the Rams did then they deserve to win.

But only by 2 points.

This is still the Hawks we’re talking about after all. That 2 points was after a halftime score of 6-21, against a division rival, at St. Louis, while our quarterback became the first player in NFL history to pass for over 300 yards and rush for over 100 yards in one game.  

Even though we walked away with the loss, what a damn good game. If this is a slump I’ll take it. Then figure out a way to blame it all on the 49ers.

To end the Rams game a last minute fumble called wrong by the officials that could of let Seattle kick the winning field goal was the final nail in the coffin. And that fumble call I won’t really complain too much. We’ve had our share of bad calls this year go in our favor. Seriously though, are there any NFL fans this year NOT looking at the refs wondering what the hell is going on?


Seahawks (3-3)
@ Panthers
@ Chiefs
@ 49ers
@ Eagles
@ Cardinals
Cardinals (5-1)
@ Dallas
@ Seahawks
@ Falcons
@ Rams
@ 49ers
Rams (2-4)
@ Chiefs
@ 49ers
@ Cardinals
@ Chargers
@ Redskins
@ Seahawks
49ers (4-3)
– Bye Week 8 –
@ Saints
@ Giants
@ Raiders
@ Seahawks

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