Week 13: Seahawks & NFC West

November 25, 2013

The Seahawks enjoyed a week 12 Bye so I’ll start with the rest of the NFC West heading into tonight’s Monday Night game that will see the 49ers @ Redskins.

Cardinals (7-4) week 9 Bye
@ Eagles 6-5
Rams @ 5-6
@ Titans 5-6
@ Seahawks 10-1
49ers @ 6-4*

I ended my week 11 post with a “Go Cardinals!” and this team didn’t disappoint. Arizona hosted the Colts (7-4) yesterday and stomped them 11-40 in a game that was never close. The win moves the Cardinals (7-4) up in the NFC Playoff picture to 6th seed and knocks San Francisco (6-4) down to 7th. Of course that could change after the Monday Night game but for now the Cardinals are in, 49ers are out, and they keep up the pressure on their NFC West playoff rivals.

The rest of the schedule for Arizona doesn’t get any easier and next week’s game @ Eagles will be a tough one. Philadelphia is tied with Dallas for the NFC East title and needs this win even more than the Cardinals do. With a wild card spot almost out of reach, the division’s top seed might be the Eagles only way into the post season. Facing teams in an all or nothing game can be dangerous and the Cardinals are 2-3 on the road with loses at Rams, Saints and 49ers.

Tough, but for this Arizona team, manageable. And if the 49ers lose tonight or week 13 Rams @, then the last game of the regular season becomes that much more important. Go Cardinals!

Rams (5-6) week 11 Bye
@ 49ers 6-4*
@ Cardinals 7-4
Saints @ 9-2
Buccaneers @ 3-8
@ Seahawks 10-1

Coming off their bye week the Rams (5-6) picked up where they left off smacking around the Bears (6-5) 21-42. Though it may be a long shot, with upcoming games against division rivals 49ers and Cardinals, the last spot in the playoffs still isn’t out of reach. A very, very long reach. Going 4 of 5 with a loss to Seattle and finishing (9-7) just might be enough considering how bad the rest of the NFC divisions are playing though I doubt the Cardinals will finish below (10-6).

They travel to San Francisco who will be coming off a Monday Night game and have an excellent chance to improve their post season chances. Or, if anything, have an excellent chance to spoil a playoff spot for their rival 49ers. Go Rams!

49ers (6-4) week 9 Bye
@ Redskins 3-7
Rams @ 5-6
Seahawks @ 10-1
@ Buccaneers 3-8
Falcons @ 2-9
@ Cardinals 7-4

Is it just me or did all the crazy crap in the NFL start in week 6 with the Rams beating down the Texans 38-13. Since then the Buccaneers are on a 3 game win streak, Giants 4, Panthers 7, and even the Jaguars have won 2. I only bring this up because in the NFL this year the coin toss keeps coming up heads against the odds and hopefully it’s Washington’s turn. Meaning of course that they pulled off the Monday Night win and San Francisco drops to 6-5.

Even if they didn’t and the 49ers (7-4) slip back up into the NFC Playoff 6th seed spot the rest of the season will still be a battle. After traveling all the way across town to D.C. they will host the Rams in a divisional game that the 49ers need to win. With the Cardinals breathing down their neck and a schedule favoring the Bears or Packers for their wild card spot the 49ers grip on the post season still isn’t secure. Go Redskins!

Seahawks (10-1) week 12 Bye
Saints @ 9-2
@ 49ers 6-4*
@ Giants 4-7
Cardinals @ 7-4
Rams @ 5-6

The bye weeks are over and the final 5 week stretch has begun. All teams now have an 11 game win/loss record* and the Seahawks start the stretch sitting atop the entire NFL at (10-1). Does it really get any better than this? The answer is yes, it can, with a win at home this next Monday Night against the Saints.

The injury report has Browner out, possibly for the rest of the season. Add to that his replacement, Thurmond, is starting a 4 game suspension now rather than contest and miss more games. He won’t be back until the last game of the regular season when we host the Rams. Other than that though things are looking up.

We have a starting offensive line again and Lynch has had time to rest up. Harvin will have 2 weeks of practice after an NFL start and Kearse will be back at WR after missing the Vikings game. And if we really start to struggle at cornerback then Russel Wilson could just play this game on both sides of the ball while filling in for Browner on defense.

Ok, so the Wilson thing probably won’t happen but this will hopefully give Sherman something to do. The last few games has got to have the guy chomping at the bit now that NFL quarterbacks no longer throw the ball his way. Playing his position while helping cover a depleted corner position should see Sherman doing something more than running laps for four quarters. Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL right now and the lack of highlights from a position he has totally shut down really speaks louder than bold headlines. Hopefully being under the radar lately will tempt Brees to throw his way.

Back in week 6 I already picked Seattle to win at home with the #1 spot in the NFC on the line and nothing has changed my outlook. Traveling to the Pacific Northwest and facing the 12th Man is the dread of the entire NFL. I love when announcers have to yell over the crowd noise to be heard through their booth mics and you can bet the volume will be turned up to 12 this Monday. Even with a loss Seattle can still get top seed and home field but it will be so much more easier if they stomp all over the Saints.

Here’s me cheering on a 100 yard game for Lynch and the offensive line to go with an Earl Thomas pick six. Go Seahawks!

* notes monday night 49ers @ Redskins game

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