Week 7: Seahawks @ Cardinals

October 15, 2013

While sports talk is putting the Seahawks as favored to win heading into the Thursday Night game, one group isn’t taking the Cardinals so lightly. Namely, the Seahawks.

In 2011 Seattle split home wins with Arizona who only lost by 3 in the game @ Seahawks. During the 2012 season opener despite finishing 5-11 Arizona still managed to win at home against them also.

Arguably all that separates the Cardinals from sharing 5-1 in the NFC West with Seattle right now is a fumble and a couple incompletes. Now, normally, I would say those kinds of plays ARE the difference between a 3-3 and 5-1 team. However after all the weird crap during the Titans @ Seattle game and the Rams smacking around the Texans last weekend I’m not disregarding anything.

Thrown into the mix, Arizona has already lost @ 49ers and @ Rams this season. With the Seahawks almost unbeatable at home they are going to be hungry for a win .vs their division rival. A rival they know how to win at the University of Phoenix Stadium against.

After the Thursday Night game Arizona gets a week and a half rest before facing the 1-4 Falcons at home then enter their bye week at the season mid-point. I’ve read a few articles hinting at this being a must win for the Cardinals and it is kind of hard to discount it. The last half of the season is going to be a battle for them:

Seahawks @ 5-1
Falcons @ 1-4
– Bye – week 9
Texans @ 2-4
@ Jaguars 0-6
Colts @ 4-2
@ Eagles 3-3
Rams @ 3-3
@ Titans 3-3
@ Seahawks
49ers @ 4-2

Of the 10 regular seasons games still facing the Seahawks, 5 of them are against the NFC West. For Seattle, who already has a win at home against the 49ers, Thursday Night presents a grand opportunity to deliver a solid body blow against their divisional rivals.

Ending the season at home vs the Cardinals and Rams, considering their current 11 game at home win streak, you can bet the Seahawks are going to be just as hungry for a win on the road.

Both teams played a hard game Sunday so the short week only slightly favors the Cardinals. A lot has been said this season about how good the Seahawks depth chart is and this game is the time to prove it. Being able to spell our starters and play four solid quarters of Seahawks football I believe will be the key to this game.

How the rest of the season looks for the Seahawks:

@ Cardinals 3-3
@ Rams 3-3
Buccaneers @ 0-5
@ Falcons 1-4
Vikings @ 1-4
– Bye – week 12
Saints @ 5-1
@ 49ers 4-2
@ Giants 0-6
Cardinals @
Rams @

If I were a betting man, which I’m not, a long look at this game for an upset bet on the Cardinals might be deserved.

As a Seahawks fan I think Arizona’s chance of winning is about the same as the game being delayed for yet another lightning storm.

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2 Responses to “Week 7: Seahawks @ Cardinals”

  1. lennylenzs Says:

    Cool write up. I’m worried as well about this game. Should be fun regardless. Go Hawks!

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