Still looking good for the Seahawks

October 8, 2013

Playing at home against the 12th Man is the dread of the NFL right now and looking at Sunday’s match-up following the season’s only Seahawk loss just one thought comes to mind, “Glad I’m not the Titans.”

While last weekend’s game was a disappointment I don’t see it as anything to worry about yet. Seattle at the start of the season was predicted to be 2-3 right now with losses to the Panthers, 49ers and Texans. Instead we are 4-1 with a very bright future on the schedule horizon.

Seattle will head into back to back road games against division rivals Cardinals and Rams after this weekend. We also face them again at home for the last two games of the season. Ending the series 4-0 isn’t exactly long odds seeing how our rivals are currently playing.

Then again the Cardinals at home have surprised us before, but enough of that.

The Giants, Falcons, Vikings and Buccaneers at the moment have a combined win/loss total of 2-16 so I don’t really see much trouble there.

Titans @ 3-2
@ Cardinals 3-2 
@ Rams 2-3
Buccaneers @ 0-4 
@ Falcons 1-4
Vikings @ 1-3
Saints @ 5-0
@ 49ers 3-2
@ Giants 0-5
Cardinals @
Rams @

If we were playing the Saints at New Orleans I would be very troubled, but at home? With the #1 slot for the NFC possibly on the line at that point in the season? No, got to go with the Seahawks on this one.

@ the 49ers is going to be a very good game. I won’t be surprised if we lose but got to cheer on the home team for this. When the season started I was looking forward to the Giants game but at this point @ 49ers is the one to wait for.

However it plays out I would say that if the Seahawks can shake off last weeks loss to the Colts and send the Titans home with a loss then ending the season sitting atop the NFC is their’s for the taking.

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