Trash Talk about Fathers Day

June 11, 2013

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June 16th is Fathers Day this year so if you haven’t picked a topic to trash talk about fathers with there’s still time!

The East Valley Tribune already has fathers in general walking out on their families and the  Huffington Post called shotgun on the fathers are to blame for everything bandwagon. Of course all us men should be very ashamed of ourselves and use this fathers day to repent by denouncing our local fathers rights organization.

Really? One day out of the year, just one, and media outlets still can’t find a single nice damn thing to say about fathers?!? Thank god for commercials trying to sell holiday crap, at least those put on a pretend salesmen smile for 30 seconds.

News outlets that use Fathers Day as an excuse to trash talk dads are the ones who should be ashamed this holiday into changing their ways.

And so because my dad is worth at least one nice thing in print, I for one will be joining others across this country who still love their fathers this Sunday by wishing him a Happy Fathers’ Day.


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