Reading update: “Gardens of the Moon”

March 9, 2013

     First in an epic series about the Malazan Empire, “Gardens of the Moon” and this entire series of books grabs me from the start and doesn’t let go until the end of the 10th one. It really is that good.

     Our story begins with the siege of Pale, a city on the Genabackis continent.  The author wastes no time in back-story or world building, instead the reader, like the 9th’s new recruit “Sorry”,  is thrust into the middle of things and expected to keep up with the veterans we find ourselves serving with. Survive long enough as a rookie to reach the 3rd chapter and the other Bridgeburners in our squad might start to clue us in a little.

     In a empire as vast as the Malazan’s more than just this siege is going on and Steven Erikson does a fantastic job of taking us from story line to story line weaving it all together as one grand tale. Following the siege of Pale armies of the empire expand the frontiers as rebellion stirs through lands already conquered. Meanwhile our squad of Bridgeburners is sent into the last free city on Genabackis, “Darujhistan”, to scout ahead of the rest, “First in, last out”.

     Add plots within plots, a rich magic system, threats at every turn and the gods themselves stirring the soup for chuckles and high adventure on the literary seas doesn’t get much better than this. This book and series is a re-read for me and each time I start it I know not much of anything else will get done for the next couple of weeks, which, when reading this series is always an even trade.

     Next in the series is “Deadhouse Gates”, stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Reading update: “Gardens of the Moon””

  1. Redhead Says:

    I keep meaning to pick up this first Malazan book, but not sure if I want to commit to such a long series!

    • Shawn West Says:

      As a stand-alone read if one didn’t want to tackle the entire series, “House of Chains” or “Memories of Ice” would be the two best if you just wanted to read just one. “House” starts another story line so you wouldn’t be missing much from the previous 3 books and “Memories” is helped by the previous books but so much starts or is new to it that it can be read as a stand-alone also, however much of the drama might be lost on a new reader without the previous reads. One can prolly tell from the review that I suggest marking a month off the calendar and starting at book 1.

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