Reading update “A Bridge Too Far”

March 4, 2013

     The great thing about writing a review or update on a history book is I don’t have to worry about spoilers since everyone already knows how it will end. The hard part in blogging about it is if I have a good book to read I’ve got better things to do than type a blog. As dilemmas go, not a bad one to have, and reading “A Bridge Too Far” by Cornelius Ryan has proven insightful and I look forward to reading the rest of it.

     On occasion when reading a history book this old I find gaps or inaccuracies that subsequent time has thrown new light on. Just in the last couple decades FOIA requests, time dated declassified documents and access to previously closed national archives in the East are rewriting many chapters that make up the story of WWII. Showing a date of 1975 on the inside cover the material thus far has been relevant and current almost 70 years after the event.

     Written largely from the perspective of the soldier on the ground many first hand accounts of small unit action are told from both sides of the firefight by those who took part. Particular attention is paid to the “fog of war” where perceptions of the battle by one side are compared with the realities documented by the other as experienced from the squad up through command levels. Subsequent history, facts and new information only adds to that.

     This would be a good spot to end the reading update and recommend another book about the Market Garden Operation but I don’t have one. The only other history book in my library focused on that part of Europe is “The Guns of August” which is an entirely different War. In light of this I’ll just suggest starting the Liberation Trilogy by reading “An Army at Dawn” by Rick Atkinson if you haven’t already.

     Maint: The book page is outlined, just needs filled out now. It occurred to me while editing the page that if you own enough books to justify investing in a card catalog to keep track of them a “book review / reading” section would be a good fallback topic for those times writers block strikes. Doesn’t do much good to set up a blog if you have nothing to blog about. We’ll see how that works out.

     The Bio page is going to be a “Misc” or “Other” ? type of page to host blog posts that don’t fall under the other page topics. I can’t be the only one that is traumatized by the forest service switching Smokey the Bear’s message from “Forest Fires” to “Wildfires”, now that blog post will have a home. Whew!

     Stay tuned for more reviews and blog maintenance reports!


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