Book page started

March 3, 2013

     After two days I have reached the conclusion that you cannot add new sections below a page sticky. Rather than run in circles searching for ways to do this I went ahead and just created a picture using the GIMP and Paint programs which serves well enough. Now that the spacing is done I can use that for all the pages and just change the text. The image is “centered”, linked to “none” and displayed at its full size of 428 x 36 pixels.

Book Blargs

     The obvious downside is the lack of a reply / comments for sections and the blarg content is linked rather than in one spot. All things considered however this really isn’t that big of a deal, beggars / choosers.

     Categories  doesn’t post a blarg to the parent topic page and if you manually direct it to do so the post will overwrite/delete the sticky that is there on top. The different menus or “widgets” as wordpress calls them do sort by blarg posts by topic but is rather redundant considering how this site is set up and amounts to extra clutter in the sidebar. What I did find however is that categories will put all posts into a different parent page.

      I have labeled this post also as “books” to go with yesterday’s post. So both of those should appear on a “ I can’t include a link directory as a sticky on the Blarg page, since it will be overwritten by the first post that gets put there after, so perhaps a category directory on the Welcome page would be a good idea. The individual post links can be included on the topic pages as I have started doing with Books.

     The Blarg page went past the 1500 pixel mark, meaning it is past the background image. Rather than change the header background to accommodate “infinite scrolling” I had a little fun with the background and put in a warning strip that the reader was about to go out of bounds. How much blank space is or is not seen on the sides of the site with widescreen monitors I have no way of testing yet.

     Email notices seem to work just find. The problems I read in researching how to set up a wordpress page dealing with @hotmail accounts either has been addressed or successfully avoided so far. The “Follow by Email” button works correctly and I do like the “I ♥ spam” text on it, a little truth in advertising.

     Getting there. The Bio page is still here to be a test page now that books has been started and I can’t use that. Once the site is fully set up it will just be deleted or changed to another topic of interest that arises during.

     Stay tuned for more exciting maintenance reports!


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