Day 3: Test

March 2, 2013

     Getting there. This should still be showing up on the Blarg page as the Latest post. This is a new month so the menu list should show it as being March and this will be labeled as being “Books” category.

     Have not seen a way to add specific posts to different pages and so far just putting up a manual hyperlink is the only way to do that. Listing the post as a different category to test some menus that list blogs by type instead of date.

     The Bio page is going away or changed to something else. The entire blog/website is kind of a bio anyway. Finding people to read my rants will be hard enough without the added pressure of living a life interesting enough to write about.

     Stay tuned!


One Response to “Day 3: Test”

  1. WCB Says:

    Coming along nicely. We’ll have to share tips on this whole WordPress thing next time we link up.

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