Different Day Test

February 27, 2013

     Testing where this is going to be placed on the site. It should be on the Blarg page as the “newest” post? Exciting stuff huh? The custom background Shawn made is only 1500 px tall, will the website fall off the edge of the world soon? We shall see, stay tuned readers for the latest exciting test posts!


2 Responses to “Different Day Test”

  1. WCB Says:

    And that is exactly where it showed up. That is pretty cool, I had a feeling you’d learn how to use this WordPress better then me I have no idea how you did that.

    • Shawn West Says:

      A huge help to start with was
      mark the “post page” after that as what page the most recent post shows up.
      After the static front page was set up I made a “Catagory” called Blarg and mark the posts when I put them up as Blarg. I think this only sorts posts for other menu types / page themes.
      Dashboard > Posts > Catagories

      The first time it did that it deleted the sticky that was at the top of the page. Not sure where that went to. I did change the page name from Exorsisms to Blarg and it didn’t delete the posts that were here already.

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